Most popular Foxconn Motherboards: In order to cool the chipset Foxconn engineers have chosen a traditional scheme, which can be found on many boards with AMD G chipset. But now it has decided to join the majority supporting the new AMD G. Foxconn hasn’t produced motherboards on AMD chipsets under its brand before. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: This choice of components is quite good.

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We have made the effort of listening to this motherboard in various modes using a passive CPU cooler and registered no foreign sounds in the xl system. The thee-channel CPU supply impulse voltage stabilizer uses 3 field transistors per channel, 5 OST capacitors of microfarad and 4 Rubycon capacitors of microfarad each.

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Integrated audio support is implemented well. Realtek High Definition Audio Driver.

Foxconn hasn’t produced motherboards on AMD chipsets under its brand before. Non-standard settings were not tested for operability. Keep in mind that motherboard drivers may also be damaged a690gm2a-rs2h various reasons, such as virus-infected, or obsolete as a result of system upgrades or software changes. We don’t even have to take into account that boards based a60gm2ma-rs2h integrated chipsets are rarely equipped with graphics cards with a690gm2ma-fs2h cooling systems.

RAM is set by using multiplier correction to the standard frequency for the modules being used, unless the manufacturer specifies methods for improving memory overclocking, in which case their effectiveness is also explored.


In particular, even the basic memory timings were not available. Other Old Bioses Driver Easy. The website uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

Motherboard drivers are a kind of software, and therefore they are subject to all the same problems that affect the work of other kinds of programs. For some unknown reason, such coils are a commonplace for CPU stabilizers, while the other components get toy-looking coils that often squeak in 6a90gm2ma-rs2h load modes.

However, among the consumers of motherboards with integrated graphics there are not so many overclocking fans.

CPU multiplier and a690gm2mar-s2h voltage adjustment as well as HT bus multiplier options are all missing. Conclusions We were pleased with the board from the technical standpoint and with the way it was equipped. In order to evaluate the overclocked system’s stability, we load Windows XP and run performance tests built into WinRAR Tools menu – Benchmark and hardware test for 10 minutes.

Thankfully, the chipset is still efficient enough and its functionality totally fits with the modern requirements. This overclocking result is not extraordinary. Another positive feature is the quite rarely seen hardware BIOS write-protection with the use of a jumper.

Drivers for Foxconn A690GM2MA-RS2H Motherboard

Therefore, such motherboards are more likely to attract system builders and ordinary users that need inexpensive systems. As we have mentioned previously, the cause most likely is the inability to lower the HT bus frequency. It has an ability to signal an alarm when parameter values fall out of the predefined ranges. Back to the list of Foxconn Motherboard models. We’ve updated our privacy policy, effective May 25, An antivirus suite Norton Internet Security is also included.


This choice of components is quite good. Compatibility with 3-pin connector fans is provided. The practical goal of our test is to find out if the CPU’s high overclocking potential is hindered by the board and to evaluate the board’s behavior in non-standard BIOS modes.

Such design fully satisfies the cooling requirements for this chipset. Southbridge is equipped with a low-profile compact heatsink.

For tests with integrated graphics we have used Catalyst 7. The supply voltage stabilizer is enhanced by using chokes with United Chemi-Con capacitors. This board is more likely to be suitable for a work computer. For this reason, it is impossible for us, and any other review, to determine the overclocking potential of any board with megahertz precision.

In contrast to the rest of companies, Foxconn has chosen to use this chipset exclusively for a690gm2m-ars2h microATX boards without the support for HDMI, this chipset’s key feature, even in the higher-end versions.