I am summarizing here New standard hole M4 metric hole size for easy installation Custom anti-resonant frame to minimize resonance that can be transmitted to the cabinet The front suspension is a new advanced molded design, made only for this driver. I believe there is a big future for single point source, single cone full-range emitters. I think the work done by Mark and his team is to be applauded. These an astounding full range driver. I do not want to build a 4 per side set from different production runs. Would I ask what woofer are you using on the OB??

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OK, you want that “life”. Ive placed it in a home made blh, horn length about 2 m. The emittance properties in the upper-mid to high range on larger paper cones drops off more than metal.

The dyeing process is critical to rigidity of the cone, along with reduced mass. Also a SD fan, but also acknowledge there’s many ways to skin a cat.

Let’s look at the purest mantra alpait a moment. It is designed with a specific resistance profile. I think the work done by Mark and his team is to alpxir applauded. But he listened to my plan, poured over my drawings and we came up with the mother of all rear suspensions.


How do you plan on using them? But they both use six mounting screws! Sorry, I missing you are using a sub, I though you are using a passive woofer.

Alpair 12P (Single Driver)

The second and third design elements are particularly critical. Follow HifiDuino via Email Join other followers.

My remark was in reference to your assertion Quote I though this Alpair freq chart similar to the Nirvana Super12CF, it looks both use the same kind of paper for the cone. Psychoterapeuta krakā€¦ on Amanero Bit-clock Re-clocking: Those are my reference speakers. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Often, the outcome will be variations in the flex-stiffness ratio in various locations within the 12 wall of the suspension rounded section of the component.

Description Additional information Reviews 0 Description Alpair 12 p These drivers are packaged individually in separate boxes, for a pair please add 2 to your cart. These an astounding full range driver.

Much a subjective situation, beauty being in the ears of each listener. However, typical of TIL bodied coils, the transfer properties to the cone neck are more variable compared to Alu and paper coil bodies.

Alpair 12P | KJF Audio

For LF emittance, this driver type is mostly limited to use in LF extended gain box designs horns etc. He also a descent conventional driver designer in his own right. I said it without listening, for sure only after a good AB test.


This has some drawbacks. Brief Markaudio Alpair series drivers are totally custom designed and built.

Your email address will not be published. I do plan to build a pair with 4 drivers per side in the future.

6moons audio reviews: Eist Audio Dubh

The first is a non-linear damping effort while overcoming the inertia of the power-train, particularly at the initiation of a LF oscillation. Can’t read vertical scales! Ted is of the traditional school of British design, something sadly that is fast disappearing. All the front speakers will use the same drivers so they match, tone wise, and I was originally thinking of the 10P drivers. Its not designed to be a replacement for a woofer, but it is designed to more accurately emit non-linear LF loads that drivers with short coils cannot.

The last thing a low mass driver needs is a resonating frame ringing transmitting specific frequencies back to its power train.