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Nom: corecodec coreplayer v1.25
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Système d’exploitation: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
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Applications mobiles, didacticiels et actualités: Coreplayer a-free sis 1 symbian. Tools to hack or cert. Playlist import and open on command line – Fix: URL pasting crash – Fix:

HTC U11 Go ….

corecodec coreplayer v1.25

Retrouvez applications, astuces, aide, jeux, tutos, Archives de Génération mobiles:: Aller à la page ‘, event. Lecteur vidéo CorePlayer est un lecteur vidéo payant, mais probablement le meilleur du marché.

corecodec coreplayer v1.25

Format recognization problems fix async reading of the probe – FIX: Playlist mode display – FIX: Option to keep playback running when leaving fullscreen – ADD: One click fullscreen function – ADD: UI speed improvement – ADD: YouTube item handling and seeking – FIX: Wavpack handling other than 16 bits – ADD: A connection timeout to avoid waiting forever for network streams – ADD: Network stream opening is less blocking CorePlayer F1.25 Mobile: Some colour conversions – FIX: Mono to Stereo upmixing – ADD: YouTube playback – FIX: Aspect setting with prerotated portrait videos – FIX: Memory usage – FIX: Keyboad shortcuts – ADD: Improved file caching – ADD: Low delay streaming option – ADD: Better corecodsc for embedded cover art – ADD: Merge the list of artist into album artists on by default – ADD: Reload network corecocec on startup option off by default – ADD: Always on top option – CHG: Inconsistencies in the display of the time – FIX: Don’t prerotate almost square bitmaps – FIX: Avoid treating an empty.


Relative path handling in playlists – FIX: Fix a crash when accessing the menu – FIX: Always reset auto off timer when restoring timeout – FIX: Window resizing issue when fullscreen mode changes menu and toolbar is temporarily created – ADD: YouTube seeking issues – FIX: YouTube navigation on small screens – FIX: Audio handling is more robust – FIX: File association on Vista – ADD: F4V file extension – ADD: Option to keep the screen on when playing audio files too – ADD: Reading cover art from Zune folders – ADD: Keep the preferred access point in the preferences – ADD: Show the currently selected item in enums CorePlayer Platform Mobile: Scrollbar and word-wrapping in the About corecoodec – Xoreplayer An option to restore playback when put in the foreground – ADD: A possible double key enter use when navigation in the media library – FIX: Remove some double error reports in the network stack – FIX: When a stream cannot be opened don’t display the busy animation – FIX: Focus issues in corepoayer edit boxes – FIX: Crash when a connection fails – FIX: Did not start to play the ‘next’ file if the current file has an error – FIX: The busy icon when starting the player on a still picture – FIX: Handling and display of Unicode characters – FIX: The font color use – FIX: Japanese char issue – FIX: Support for the volume keys on the Treo – ADD: RTSP support helix server’s preroll parameter, like?

Improved the podcast reloading accuracy – ADD: Add the possibility to use icons in menubars – ADD: Make the visable font smoother default is antialiased – ADD: Update Japanese language file – ADD: Multi-language support 14 – ADD: Enhanced Benchmarking more accurate – ADD: Speex Audio support – ADD: Updated the Hungarian language file – CHG: The font color use – ADD: Screen blanking menu item where the device does not support it – FIX: Initial serial number entry crashing – FIX: Flac file support – FIX: N72 d-pad crashing – FIX: AD remote support – ADD: Heart icon for selected fields – Add: Multiple fields selection – Add: Option to disable the Media Library and use the standard playlist view – Add: Skin Zooming option – Add: Media Library Scanning folders fix – Fix: Media Library keywords fix – Fix: Treo screen ‘turning off’ problem during sleep in non main windows of the player – Fix: URL pasting crash – Fix: Network code additions – Fix: Screen size checking for displaying playback controls – Fix: Fixed busy database icon state on mobile devices – Fix: Podcasts reading fixed – Fix: Podcasts refresh fixed – Fix: Playlist import and coreplsyer on command line – Fix: Minor fixes for SPB plug-in – Fix: Possible redraw memory leak on certain situations – Fix: Idle processes are disabled during benchmarking – Fix: Landscape mode buttons return – Fix: Minor UI fixes – Fix: CoreTheque media library – Add: Support for Windows Mobile 6.


Additional support for Windows CE 4. BlueTooth headphone support – Add: Dynamic Menu system – Add: Storage card insertion detection and prompts – Add: SPB Shell plug-in support coreppayer Add: Soft reset on Treo after exiting the player – Fix: ATI Safe padding for data buffers – Fix: Minor PalmOS fixes – Fix: