Unfortunately, such is not the case in practice. Adobe RGB did not offer any reduced colour space emulation either A dynamic contrast ratio which actually works! The uniformity of the backlighting was pretty good in this test. There was no obvious ghost images to the naked eye, but you could detect the motion blur reasonably easily. Colours felt very dull and much less vivid than before. There was some very slight leakage in the corners as you can pick out in the image, but it was not too severe. This offered some pretty decent performance even out of the box on the newer models, but the WFP was lacking this factory calibration.

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With this feature, you’re able to view HDTV while playing a game at the same time right next to each other. Colours could be improved compared dlsplay the default settings, but colour accuracy was still poor with average dE of 3.

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There is also a very cool picture-by-picture feature that lets you view two connections at once. Materials are of the usual high quality you would expect from a high end Dell screen. I got burned that way.

Video looks excellent as well but you have to be careful what you are feeding to the display—while p works well, SD content does not look great on such a high resolution display. The screen has a 0. Toward the top back in the center is a very large flushed silver Dell logo.


You can spot this on the U for instance in the form of dark artefacts. This is a dislay, as anyone wanting to work with a standard gamut colour space cannot really do so properly using the WFP.

An important thing to consider for most users is how a screen will perform out of the box and with some basic manual adjustments.

I tested the screen with various coloured backgrounds including greys and whites to see if there was any 3008wffp of colour tinting across the panel.

Out of curiosity I attached the wfp to our test hardware in order to measure power consumption. Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted I also wanted to have a higher resolution and larger screen for gaming as well as video and photo editing.

Dell 3008WFP LCD Monitor

Contrast ratio was average from the WFP at You may need to consider what calibration methods are available to you if you want to purchase this screen however, as you can’t rely on accurate out-of-the-box settings sadly. The screen rotates left and right about 25 degrees via a swiveling mechanism, and also tilts back about 25 degrees as well. There is too much real estate with the 30″ monitor, the color imaging is not quite as good as the 27″, and I prefer the slightly higher resolution of the 27″ monitor.

The screen had not been corrected in the factory at all by the look of things. There may be some blemishes on plastic frames from moving but nothing major and the screens all work excellently. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. This gave us a black depth of 0.


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Size 30″WS Colour Depth While these important functions are easy to accomplish the display also has all the granular controls that you would expect from a professional level product, like multiple picture-in-picture settings, sharpness adjustment, dynamic contrast, custom colors adjustments, and preset color modes, including MultiMedia, Game, and Adobe RGB.

There was a similar story with the sRGB emulation mode unfortunately. Buy the 27″ monitor and be del, who you buy it 3008wf.

I know some users don’t like the feel of the coating or prefer glossy solutions, so if you’re worried try and see one of Dell’s current range in action in person. Max Dynamic Contrast Ratio.

The monitor could benefit from a slightly higher refresh rate in order to clean up the picture slightly during fast action, but this is a very minor concern as overall the display looked quite nice. This is a bit smaller than a standard 24″ model which is 0. Dell have re-classified the panel at 8ms G2G according to their specs however.

The neck of the stands sits about 9. The analogue D-sub interface cannot support the full native resolution of the panel so a comparison of picture quality is not easily made. This allows you to easily and simply adjust the height and tilt of the screen.